Eleuthera is the Island of Freedom

Eleuthera is ranked and reviewed as “Sexiest Beach Escapes” by Bing Travel, high on the list of “25 Sexiest Beaches in the World” by ForbesTraveler, and awarded the “Best Secret Island On Earth” by Travel and Leisure. Eleuthera is known for its magnificent beaches and its laid back Bahama charm. Shock clear turquoise and blue colored waters ring this 100 mile narrow strip of land providing a number of tropical vacation activities. Diving, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and boating are merely the beginning of a great island adventure. Of course, kicking back is never out of season!

Eleuthera Bahamas is a long, slender island possessing the best of two ocean worlds; a tranquil Caribbean Sea shore known as the Exuma Sound and a pulsating Atlantic Ocean shore, world famous for its surfing and “Surfers Beach.” The island has a variety of magnificent shoreline views ranging from soft pink sand beaches to beautiful ascending cliff vistas. This slice of heaven is only a few miles wide on average, making it a snap to discover a nearby beach that satisfies your desires. Mile upon mile of splendid and peaceful beachfront is visited more by the sun and surf than by human beings. As the New York Times proclaimed, “Eleuthera is for beach bums!

Winding Bay Eleuthera

The island is relatively easy to find your way around, just one highway called Queen’s, yet exciting to explore. Foot power and car rentals are the preferred modes of transportation. Entertainment is not too hard to come by. A number of small towns have establishments that support local artists such as Calypso legend Dr. Seabreeze. Of course, you might just be enjoying a Goombay Smash at Elvina’s Bar when local resident Lenny Kravitz wanders in for an impromptu jam session. Then there is the Annual Pineapple Festival in Gregory Town, delicious Friday night barbecues in the streets of Governor’s Harbour and the Rock Sound Homecoming gala parade. It’s easy enough to make your own party too! The Bahamian people are typically kind and hospitable.

Eleuthera Island is an excellent example of “out-island Bahamas” and touring the island is an adventure. The small settlements and villages that dot the landscape are rich in color, history and culture. There’s a captivating feeling of Old World charm, ruggedness and survival coupled with the sheer beauty and overwhelming presence of the ocean.

Whiteland Beach Eleuthera

There are a variety of restaurants and eateries to savor featuring everything from home-cooked island specialties to authentic gourmet. Some establishments offer spectacular views of the ocean and beaches while most maintain the “island” experience and all are casual dress. Forget the usual fast food boredom. Ja Man! Appetites for conch, lobster and fresh fish are welcome here. Jerked chicken is a unique culinary delight, and oh yes, if you're really homesick, there's burgers, fries and pizza too!

Eleuthera has an excellent variety of vacation rentals, homes, villas and cottages ranging anywhere from basic to sensational. Additional accommodations and lodging include boutique hotels and resorts. Many of these properties are located on either side of the coastlines, a number of which have restaurants on property and fresh water swimming pools. The best part is that no matter where you are, the beach is never far!

Crown Point Eleuthera

The weather is pleasant much of the year. Average high temperatures are mid 70s and 80s while lows are mid 60s and 70s. Rainfall in prime season is less than 4” in a month. Breezes from the ocean keep you fairly comfortable both day and night. Don’t forget the sunscreen and flip-flops!

Our web site is a general travel guide that features an interactive satellite map of Eleuthera coupled with locations and photos of the beaches, towns and other fascinating points of interest. Our travel page provides current information on the airports and airlines. In the reviews section, you can read about some of the popular places and people of the island. View photos and take virtual tours of the famous spots such as the narrowest place on Earth, the Glass Window Bridge. Visit historical Preacher’s Cave, home of the original Eleutheran Adventurers, or the first capital of the Bahamas, Governor’s Harbour. Experience the magnificent Lighthouse Beach located on the southernmost tip of the island.

This travel guide does not attempt to cover every last aspect and detail of Eleuthera, rather it strives to inspire you to travel there and experience first-hand the treasures this serene out-island paradise has to offer. Enjoy Eleuthera, the island named after freedom!

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Eleuthera Reviews

“Regulars rejoice in the fact that this 110-mile-long island, with its peaceful pink-sand beaches, has played second fiddle to its smaller celebrity-filled neighbor, Harbour Island, for decades.”
Travel & Leisure

Eleuthera Beaches

“The boom-bust cycle of once-glamorous Eleuthera has been stuck in bust for a while, though you wouldn't know that from all the recent hype about a comeback. There is plenty in the works here, but for now the island remains a sleepy backwater with no shortage of stunning, nearly always empty beaches.”
New York Times

Queen's Highway, Eleuthera

“Hasn't Lost Its Out-Island Soul...”
Caribbean Travel & Life

Preacher's Cave

“Eleuthera is a slender wisp of land shaped like a mermaid's tail to the south and topped by a scattering of small islands and coral reefs to the north. In between are roughly 100 miles of serenity.
The Boston Globe

Glass Window Bridge

“A Friendly Escape with Water Clear as Air. We really love how this slinky Outer Island has slipped by as other areas of the Bahamas have been developed. On Eleuthera, which means “freedom” in Greek, tropical wilderness still reigns, as seen in deserted pink and white sand beaches and in its crystalline blue waters.”
Islands Magazine

Leon Levy Eleuthera Native Plant Preserve

“Eleuthera and Harbour Island feature impossibly scenic pink sand beaches. Resorts here tend to be small and intimate, and there are some pretty nice reefs accessible from shore… Current Cut is home to drift dives, the most famous drift dive in the Bahamas…”
Scuba Diving Magazine

Current Cut diving

“A laid-back paradise for scuba divers and anyone else in search of a 'real place' in the Bahamas...”
National Geographic Traveler

Haynes Library Governor's Harbour

Eleuthera has a very nice selection of vacation rentals, villas, homes and beachfront cottages. Check out our list and maps of rentals by owner as well as our list of Eleuthera resorts and hotels.

Eleuthera Rentals

One of the most popular and remote points of interest on Eleuthera is the Lighthouse and Lighthouse Beach south of Bannerman Town at the most southern tip of the island.

Eleuthera Lighthouse

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